Sync nightmare - beware!

Just worked for 2 hours on my mac DT database. Opened DTTG did a wifi sync and hey presto the iPad (older database) over wrote my newer iPad one!

:angry: I’m not a happy bunny and my App Store review reflects this.

Just posting this to say to folks beware, make backups, certainly don’t trust sync.

We’re sorry for the troubles! The upcoming versions (DEVONthink/note 2.7 & DEVONthink To Go 1.4) will fix all known issues and should make especially the sync much more reliable.

Hello, could you please give us a rough estimate of when we can expect the update to DTTG? Have been waiting for a few months, just hoping for an estimate.

Thank you.

Sorry but it is far too dangerous (and potentially far too disappointing) for estimates. We will issue a statement as soon as something is ready.