Sync not working automatically

I’ve got the latest version of DT and DTTG and I use the Bonjour syncing. The only way to initiate syncing is to go to settings on DTTG and navigate to Settings->Locations->Local Network->“my laptop”->“refresh icon”. Nothing else seems to work. BTW what do the various cloud states show on the front screen?

From DEVONthink To Go’s ? > Help > Appendix > Iconology

Is there a triangle on the sync icon in the bottom toolbar of DEVONthink To Go?

Hi Jim, I’ve never seen any the other icons - I see the empty cloud icon, then when I swipe down I just see an icon that isn’t listed - see enclosed.


The sync icon progressively fills up as it syncs.
Have you tried quitting and relaunching both DEVONthink To Go and DEVONthink?

Thanks Jim, I’ve started them individually, but not together - that’s fixed it :smile:

Sometimes a Bonjour port can get stalled, so I suspect that may have been the temporary cause here.