Sync not working

I am trying to set up a sync between a folder that contains sub-folders and documents (around 150) and DTTG. I get the date into DTP fine and put it in the mobile sync folder and start the sync but it hangs after 3-5 docs have been processed. I have deleted, added, reset, etc and it continues to not work. The same files went effortlessly into Evernote, etc so there is not problem with the files.

I have almost exactly the same problem, but may have a workaround. DTTG appears to struggle with groups–since I wanted my desktop file folder contents to be reflected in my DT programs, I pulled all files out of the folder I was indexing except one. The single file and folder, after indexing in DTPO, sync’d fine. I then added files back to the desktop folder a few at a time, updated the indexing in DTPO, and sync’d successfully with DTTG. I added larger and larger numbers of files; still worked. Don’t know what the limit is (other folks on the board discuss trying to sync with smaller amounts of data), and I don’t know if this workaround would be effective with subfolders. Workaround is tolerable if importing/indexing large numbers of files by folders into corresponding groups ONCE, with only minor changes thereafter. Will get mighty tedious mighty quickly.


The sync is not “slow”–it freezes completely on file #3 or 4. File sizes range from tens of K to 3 or 4 MB, with the norm around 400k. Every time, trying to sync a group (folder) with more than one file freezes. Every time, after successfully syncing a group containing only one file, any number of files can be added and synced successfully. As I add groups only occasionally, I’m quite happy with sync performance once I execute this “work around.”

Oh, and the database was brand new. Not likely to be a corruption problem when these files were the first to be added. I’ll try the Tools suggestion when I get the chance, though, using a new group.

Hi everybody…

I had the same problem.
I tried creating a direct network connection between my mac and my iPad (“create network”). With this network sync runs smoothly and quite fast…

It seems weird but worked…