Sync on local Wi-Fi: WebDAV vs. (SMB) network share?

Hi everyone!

I’m planning out how best to share certain DT3 databases with my wife when we’re both on our home Wi-Fi, using the built-in syncing.

We have a Linux server that serves several SMB shares to our Mac clients (using Samba). I could also set up this box to serve WebDAV.

Are there any (dis)advantages to setting up a “Local Sync Store” on an SMB share, vs a WebDAV-based sync store?

(From my limited testing it appears that DT3 is able to mount WebDAV shares automatically, whereas it appears that syncing to an SMB share only happens if it is already mounted. But I find little else to differentiate the two.)

As you noted, local WebDAV servers are detected automatically, so there is no need to mount them.
If your network and server is reliable, I’d likely opt for the WebDAV server.

Thanks, Jim. I opted for WebDAV in the end. Works fine, thus far!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: