Sync pane broken

I am trying to set up the sync plugin, but am having a really weird problem with the sync pane in preferences - it won’t show the actual sync options, but instead it shows the options of the pane I visited last. Screenshot attached.

I have reinstalled the plugin several times, and restarted my computer, but to no avail. I use DTPO.

I’d be most grateful for any pointers. Thanks!

There’s a few topics that should be a sticky here until they are resolved, and this is one of them. The issue is that the DEVONthink app is now 64-bit while the first public beta sync plug-in is still 32-bit. You’ll need to change DEVONthink to open in 32-bit mode (via the Finder’s get info panel) to get them both to work together.

Thanks very much for your help Greg.