Sync plugin annoyance

I appreciate the effort on the sync plugin which for me has worked well.

But is it possible to provide updates for this without nuking all our finely tuned sync settings? Installing the 2nd beta wiped out the half-dozen setups I had, a few of them a bit touchy to get working. Now I have to go through all that again…on two machines.

Not sure this is avoidable, but strongly suggest you at least put the warning in the readme file that installing the new version will wipe out ALL sync scheduling, settings, etc.

But otherwise loving the sync plugin! :slight_smile:

Interesting point.

What would you add to the warning in the instructions? Perhaps “can destroy data” isn’t strong enough?

“Can destroy data” hardly makes one think of sync settings.

After installing on the second machine, I noticed it did NOT nuke the sync settings on machine #2, only machine #1. Weird.