Sync problem after create 2 new database

I’ve decided to create 2 news database to separate activities instead of a whole “inbox” database.
Using DT on 3 different computer and 1 iPhone + iPad, I had some issue about sync.

Firstly I was unable to rename the database. Then I was able to rename the database. Then got problem with files not sync. Only the renamed database. No problem at all for the 2 new database.
it seems some files get stuck in old database name folders

Secondly it creates some kind of hierarchical tags including name of datebas the folder then subfolder. Now I can’t find untagged files

But the real problem is : Hundreds of files are now in some kind of subfolder with noindex.
I need to detect what file is missing, find them and import them them tag again. A real pain.
I’ve discovered a smart rules unsaid “pending”. It shows me some “unavailable file”. I can search then and manual import. Great.

But how to find “missing files” automatically using rules? Do not want to navigate and open hundred of files? Can’t find it using smart filter.

How to get rid of hierarchical tags?

one more think : How to get rid of a file “manifest” missing.

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It might help if you described your problems more systematically. Starting by how you synchronize, followed by some screen shots showing your sync settings on the different devices, error messages etc.

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You are right.

I’m using iCloud (CloudKit) for sync.

Here 3 screenshot. I need to find a file missing screenshot

Eh ben… Is the missing file imported or indexed? It seems to be only one manifest missing, according to the log.
Did you see this thread from 5 days ago:

(Although I must admit that I do not really grok what they say in the last post)
Unrelated: You should really get rid of this Adobe plug-in (first line in the protocol). It’s known to cause problems (though not this one).

Thank you for the informations,

Will have a look.



Problem : after trying to clean the database using DT GO, got a error

  • Were you previously using another sync location?
    • If so, did you clean that location?

I do not understand the question.
I’m using the database on 3 computer. Do I need to clean the 3 computer + the iPhone?

No. I’m asking if you were previously using a sync method other than CloudKit.

Yes, I previously used iCloud legacy then switch to iCloudKit.

Did you clean the Legacy location before removing it?
I hope not.

If you didn’t, add it again to DEVONthink To Go and make sure the same databases you were syncing with it are enabled in it now.

When enabling databases in the Legacy location, you will press Proceed when prompted as you are connecting the the sync location with the contents.

Then when you’re syncing with CloudKit, the contents should be pulled from the Legacy location to be uploaded.

No, did not clear it.

All my Macs and iPhone are in icloudkit now.

Actually I’ve check on 2 of my 3 Mac and the database seems ok with the same amount of files (2190 files) on both side. I need to add manually pending files before syncing again

I’ve previously removed Devonthink Go from my iPhone.

When my 55 files pending files will be manually added, I would like to start 3 brand new database using “rebuild database” (It creates a backup and import it). I’m okay to create 3 brand new and sync those 3 database.
Do I am right? Will it keep structure, tags etc?

PS :
Why 1 database can’t be closed and the 2 others can be closed.
All the problems comes when I’v decided to rename the “Inbox” database in “Perso”.
Is it possible to

You can’t close or remove the Global Inbox. The name of the Global Inbox shouldn’t matter but you must remember to mention it if you open a support ticket?

If you create new databases, you can’t sync data from one database into another. However, you can move files between the old and new databases. For mass moves of files, I suggest this…

  1. Select the records to move in the source database.
  2. Choose File > Export > Files and Folders and choose (or create) a folder on your Desktop. This is important as it keeps any ungrouped files from being mixed in with other files accidentally.
  3. After the export is finished, switch to the destination database and choose File > Import > Files and Folders. Select the contents of the folder from Step 2, not the folder itself.

Except for the Date Added, this should maintain the metadata for the files. When the process is finished (and a quick visual inspection is not a bad idea), you can do a Tools > Verify & Repair to ensure the destination database’s integrity.


Sorry for late reply.
Thank you for the link. I don’t even know I can open a support ticket. Will mind if I open it.

I’ve imported the 55 files pending. Easy to find using smart rules.
CleanShot 2021-04-14 at 14.00.23

But 've discover an another “missing files” appears : It is “missing files”. But no icon or smart rule to detect. As a result, need to check all 2100 files one by one

One more thing.
When looking for the missing file, I’ve discover one file is in a specific “library support” folder and the other is in a folder I’ve specially created “Bases de données”. Why?
I mean what is that?

is Inbox database is located in “application support” and other database are located in personal directory? unclear for me.

Yes the Global Inbox is in DEVONthink’s Application Support folder. Other databases are elsewhere, typically the Databases folder in your Home directory.

Are you indexing files into the database? Indexing and moving or renaming an indexed parent is a common cause of missing files.


No I do not indexing files into database. What happened in my mind is while syncing the database, I’ve changed the name in a second computer. I’m near the end of recover the whole think.

Just sad I can’t find missing files in a second but navigate and open all directory, subdirectory and files.

Last news. Everything is now running in near normal way.
I’ve lost 2 files. Not a big matter.

I’ve created a third database to empty the “inbox”.
It syncs with and after 3mn I’m able to work with it on my second Mac.

Just wonder how to sync smart rules between 2 computers.

Pas encore - you have to export on one machine and import on the other one. I believe that the details are described either in the documentation or have been discussed in the forum already.

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Yes I’m French and not very fluent in English, I have to admit :slight_smile:

TY for your reply, will have a look on documentation and forum.