Sync problem in DT3 where items do not download

I’m running into this same issue but unfortunately don’t have a machine with the files downloaded into their database. Is there a way to resolve this if there is just one machine in play with files allegedly synced to the remote location?

I’ve gone through all of the applicable steps outlined in this thread and the “Download” button still fails to download remote documents.

That sounds intriguing – shouldn’t files in the database be in that database on at least one machine? How else do you know that they’re in a database?

And what sense does make synchronization with only one machine in play?

Perhaps I’m using the incorrect terminology here. I used to have two Macs and have iCloud (CloudKit) setup. I assume the files that I’m unable to access were imported on the machine that I no longer have. I also have syncing setup as a form of backup. As I understand it, if I were to lose my current machine I’d be able to setup DT3 on a new machine, configure the sync store, and be squared away.

Here’s an example of what I’m currently seeing in my global Inbox:

Clicking the “Download” button disables it and shows an activity spinner for about 1 second then reverts its state.

iCloud is unreliable as a sync service for a lot of people, which might be what you’re seeing now.

I’d suggest that you restore the databases on your Mac from a backup. Sync is not backup and not advertised as such.


on the machine that I no longer have.

  • Were you indexing files in the machine?
  • Do you actually know if the files were in the database on that machine?