Sync Problem

I have DTPO 2.9.14 and an iPhone 6 with DTTG. I sync via bonjour connection.

Currently, I cannot make my phone sync with my laptop. IDTTG, I see the following message: “Local Network (Offline)”. I restarted DTTG by swiping up. I also tried restarting my phone, as well as DTPO, as well as my laptop. Usually restarting my phone and restarting DTPO do the trick, but at the moment nothing seems to be helping. What else can I do?

Note: a couple of days ago, I transferred all data from my old MacBook Air to my new MacBook Pro. I used TimeMachine to transfer the data, and everything in DTPO is working fine on the new computer. I also see that the Bonjour connection is active (green light next to Bonjour Options (Preferences> Sync).

Have you tried deleting the Sync location and creating it again?

I deleted the old ones, and I am trying to set up the new mac, but DTTG is asking for a password. Which password would that be? The note I get is this: “Direct Connection. Pair this device with a Mac on the local network.” I tried the password for the Bonjour connection, for my database, for the internet router. None of them work.

I sorted it out. I had to add the password in DTPO for the bonjour connection and then to DTTG. Now everything is syncing.

Great that you were able to solve it!