Sync problems with 40GB database

I have copied the database to an new computer in order to replace the other one. Syncing does not work for the huge database. It make running out of memory the two computers, i guess with memory leaks (i thought this was solved ?!).

The computer that has 30 GB free space (the 40 GB database is already there!), runs out of memory after hours of sync.

What can I do please?

You are describing abnormal behavior. Hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug.

Thank you , i will do so and report.

Since your last complete rewriting of Sync (12 mointh ago?), sync worked really fine beetween two computers, even for this database.

But now, only the little databases can be synced.

Will keep in touch.

I may be hijacking the post, but with your very large database, how do you handle opening and using it? I have a supidly large database (around 12Gb of archived email), and it takes literally about 10-12 min to load, and is incredibly slow doing anything in it. Curious if you turned off classification, or anything else, to help improve speed. Part of me wants access to it so I can move stuff I actually need out of it, then torch the database because of the problems in it. I have been getting in the habit of using AppleScript to just clip the email if I decide it’s important enough to keep around for a long period.

Hello,no idea what is going on in your database, my 40 GB loads fast, but there is nearly no email in it.

How many items/words (see File > Database Properties) does the database contain?