Sync problems with OneDrive via WebDAV using SME CloudDAV

Anyone else using StorageMadeEasy (SME) to sync their Devonthink databases over OneDrive using SME’s CloudDAV product? I was happily syncing for months until just last week when everything stopped. Upon further investigation it looks like SME was not keeping up with OneDrive’s API changes and now it doesn’t work anymore. Or at least that’s my working theory for now. Is this just me or is anyone else who has this set up having sync problems?

I know changing API’s is one of the classic difficulties with WebDAV (and why Devonthink doesn’t support OneDrive and other providers directly). Still I have all that free OneDrive space from my Office subscription and hate for it to go to waste…

Are you able to still mount the OneDrive via WebDAV in the Finder and to e.g. copy/move/rename/delete files/folders? In that case the sync should be still working. In addition, I’d suggest a verification of the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync)

Got my answer from SME:

Thanks for sharing the reply! :smiley: