Sync Problems with Thunderbolt


I’m using an iPad Air 5 (with M1 and Thunderbolt) and connect it with my Macbook Pro 14" (M1).
However sometimes my Macbook would be recognized sometimes not.
I get a “blue cloud with dot” but my Macbook ist shown offline in Storage Locations (Speicherorte)/ Local Network (Lokales Netzwerk).

What could be the reason. That is really annoying.

Thanks for your support

Apple has these suggestions. I’m also guessing you have Sonoma installed. Perhaps check that both iOS and MacOS versions are up to date. Also try a different wire as the connectors/wire may be broken or otherwise unreliable.

The iPad Air 5 does not support Thunderbolt, according to Apple’s specifications.

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Thanks. The point is, any other services work properly. Just DT has problems and seems to connect randomly only.

Indeed, thanks. I actually thought that every M1 device supported Thunderbolt. Learned something again! Thank you.
Nevertheless, it should still synchronize via cable, just a bit slower, correct?

New info. But @DevErwin has the best advice to confirm it’s nothing to do with DEVONthink, which was my going in assumption.