Sync Public Beta 3 crashed Devonthink now won’t sync

I was sync’g fine with beta 2. Upon installing Sync Public Beta 3, Devonthink crashed and I have not been able to do one successful sync of my DB to Dropbox. It just keeps quitting. I’ve tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling DTPO then installing the sync plugins only to find that it keeps failing.

I’m really not sure what to do.

I have experienced exactly the same thing as kerryd. I was syncing fine to a Dropbox syncstore with Beta 2. After installing Sync Beta 3, I can no longer sync successfully to Dropbox. I usually get an error similiar to this:
(Dropbox) Could not complete adding Receipt-North Shelby County 12312012.pdf to the transaction ({“error”: “Path ‘/transactions/ca9c1adf-48d6-4c53-b7b5-9c320dcd3a8a/incomplete/64c7b0a1-d061-44e5-a810-b12247792b06’ not found”})
The sync (2 and 3) both work fine locally. I went back to Sync Beta 2. Now IT does not work to dropbox. Deleted the APPS folder and Syncstore on Dropbox - deleted the Local “Sync” folder with its transactions. Basically deleted all references to Dropbox to start fresh. Still SYNC 2 (or 3) won’t work to Dropbox.

The ‘About the Sync Plugin Beta’ readme document included with the sync beta includes the instructions for reporting problems when using the beta. Feedback using the support form may be slow over the holidays as they are technically closed now until January 6.

Yes, I get the same kind of error messages and I kind of did all the stuff you did and to no avail.

Yes, I think I noticed that after I installed everything from scratch a second time. However, I checked with support on where we input feedback on the Beta and they said it was fine to use the email address I was using so I’m assuming its the time of year and that’s why I’ve heard nothing. I did want to hear if anyone else experienced this and yes they have.

I’ve switched back to Chronosync for my sync’g so I’m fine now till I hear something from them. I think whatever has happened has somehow affected Dropbox but I can’t be sure.

Yes, we do have people on holiday but also remember, this is beta so I hope you’re not using it for mission critical databases yet. Thanks for your patience and help in reporting.

Thanks. No but it is my prime DB. This is the only way I’ve found in the past you can really test something as I’m using it all the time. Plus, I have 4 backup systems in place so at the worse I would only loose a few records.

I was able to get my Database syncing with Sync Beta 3 working by creating a new database - then moving all folders and files from the database that would not sync to the new database. I then created a new syncstore on Dropbox and performed a successful full sync. Has worked flawlessly since then.

I found mine to just start working again without doing anything. I had left it from trying everything for a couple of days or so then I thought I’d give it a try just in case it might have been Dropbox that was the problem. It started working much to my delight and has been working perfectly ever since. A fellow a DEVONthink thanked me for this info but he said proceed cautiously.