Sync Question: How to Delete Remote Databases

I have figured out how to delete the local copy of the database, however, it still shows up in the dropbox container and under the sync tab in the “Remote” list. I was hopeful that it would go away when I deleted the local copy on the machine where I created the database. Unfortunately, this did not occur. How do I get rid of the database in the cloud?

No, and this would potentially be a Very Bad Thing. Imagine you and a colleague had two machines Syncing and he decided he didn’t need a certain database. He deleted it from his machine and suddenly your Sync is broken! Not a good situation.

Right-click the database in the Remote section and choose Clean Database. Simple! :mrgreen:

Great! I didn’t know what “Clean” meant.

No problem. Cheers!

I don’t think anyone does, except the developer and those of us who read about it in other posts - in my case, I did read about it elsewhere, but I had since forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to add it to my misc notes folder in DTPO. (Yes, I’m making a statement.)