Sync question

Dumb question: how to sync a database’s ‘infrastructure’ between several macs? Let me explain: I have 3 DTPO databases on a small external hard disk which I use with my office Mac, home Mac and a MacBook when I’m not at any desk. Now: on each system the local copy of DTPO creates its own environment (local smart groups, local workspaces) and I haven’t found out whether it’s possible to sync these between different machines without syncing the databases as a whole. With Curio e.g. you can move the app’s housekeeping data from your local registry to Dropbox and let the program use it from there. Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance.

While, in theory, you can symlink the Preferences file, I wouldn’t do it. If the prefs got corrupted, they would be corrupted for all machines. Just my opinion. (And yes, this does work.)