Sync questions: Activity window & sort order

Two questions about sync:

  1. Within a minute or so of adding something to the database, the activity window pops up to inform that Devonthink is uploading the new files to Dropbox. While this might have been useful when doing the very first sync and uploading the entire database. It’s very annoying and distracting when it pops up constantly while I’m actually working. The worst is if I have moved the Devonthink window to a different desktop, the activity window pops up in the previous desktop and changes the screen to that desktop, completely disrupting what I was doing.

So how do I prevent the activity window from popping up? Changing from automatic sync to manual is out of the question as the sync should be happening in the background without any effort from the user. Changing to a longer sync interval just makes the disruptive behavior less frequent and doesn’t remove it.

  1. The sync feature does not seem to sync the order of the files in the database. If I have a database on “Unsorted” and reorder the files to reflect changing priorities for instance, this reordering is not synced to the other computers. This is very baffling as clearly the ordering of files in a database is a very important part of the database structure. Is this a feature or a bug?

Thanks for help in advance!

The order of items isn’t synchronized yet.

Thanks for the response.

Is that planned?

And what about the activity window? Is there a way to prevent it from popping up every time I add something to the database?

Yes but not in the near future.

A future release will revise the UI and improve this. But the Activity window should be only displayed after 3 seconds, therefore it should be only visible after larger changes.

Where I live, connecting to Dropbox and uploading even a single PDF seems to be enough…