Sync questions

  • Do I need to update to a 2.5 beta-version to use sync? How do I do this? I am running 2.4.3.

  • Any anecdotal tips on beta-stability? If you have used it for some time, is it reasonable to use it on live data (with usual disclaimers)?

  • What is the license requirement to install DevonThink on 2 Macs in my home?


Sync plugin beta 3 will work with DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office 2.4.3.

As this is a beta, it’s prudent to heed the warning about possible risk to your working copy of a database.

Your license allows installation on both your Macs for non-simultaneous use.


Is there any corruption risk if the DTPO is accidentally left open on both macs during a sync?

Separately, is the new Web interface a low-risk beta to try out? It seems the sync beta has some more worrisome problems posted here.

The design of the Sync plugin contemplates that the database may be open on more than one Mac, simultaneously.

But this is still a beta, currently public beta 3. Check the Blog occasionally for notice of a new beta, if another is released.

As this is a beta, please note the warnings about using it for your working databases, ESPECIALLY the advice to retain backups of the database before a Sync attempt.

Reading the readme file for the public sync plugin show that there is a sync schedule, even for Dropbox syncing.

Is syncing with Dropbox not instantaneous/done in real-time? Or is updating done, at best, every hour?

If two people are using a database simultaneously in two locations, are the changes synced only after every hour?

Sync is not instant. It operates on the defined schedule or you can manually Sync when you want to. Each machine in a Sync ring (so to speak) has its own schedule.