Sync (re-downloading full database again)

I sync several databases between several Macs and iOS devices.
I’m using DT in an office workflow and many documents are added every day.
Sync in done using our WebDAV server.
Time to time it seems that the databases re-download all the files again, which is extremely annoying since there are databases with more than 50k files and they take hours to produce the full download.

Is this the normal behavior of the synchronization? , Sometimes I see in the Activity window “Tyding…”, so maybe databases need to reorganize themself time to time.?
Could be this happen because there are many Macs syncing in the same database?
Something is wrong ?

Thanks for your support.

This is definitely not the expected behaviour as multiple computers/devices are fully supported. Are the items in the databases indexed?

No, there are no items indexed.

Which version of DEVONthink do you actually use? And is it the same one on all computers?

Most of the computers have 2.11.3 installed, only one is using 3 beta3.
But the issue started before I starting testing the 3 beta3.

And is the database re-downloaded only on one computer or on all of them? In addition, do you use any scripts or smart rules which might process lots of data and therefore cause such issues?

When the re-download start, this happen in all computers, including in the iOS devices. We don’t use scripts or smart rules.

What kind of WebDAV server do you use? In addition, please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!

We use the WeDAV server in macOS server 10.12.6

Bug report sent.