Sync seems stuck

Hi guys,
i recently decided to give a try to DT3 on my macmini and MB air as well as DTTG on iphone and Ipad

I need to maintain the current folder structure i have in Onedrive and decided to give a try to Indexing that seems to fit my needs.

I created few databases with different content all in Onedrive index

The problem I’m facing is that the sync seems to be stuck.

I started the whole this with iCloud on all devices but after a few days the data didn’t seem to be in sync across devices therefore I activate Bonjour on the macmini as a server, activated the bonjoir connection on all other devices and deactivate icloud sync everywhere except for the mac min that I’d like to maintain to be able to re-activate it in mobiles devices when needed.

I have about 60 Gb across the 2 databases for now

The iphone seems to sync even though it keep trying to sync and not sure if it is actually doing anything.

The ipad seems to be stuck in the sync mode but after several hours still not moving (che circle is empty)

Question: how can i debut and understand if the sync is actually running and the status?
In the log in DT3 i only have a message saying “Could’t upload 1 pending file”

Thanks for any advice

Best, Max

How many items do these databases contain? And is there enough disk space available on the devices?

about 8000 items between them
Yes space is no problem on devices
I struggle understanding how to check the status of the sync specifically on DDTG to debug… any suggestion?
Shall I keep active icloud and bonjour as well?

One sync location is usually sufficient, e.g. if devices are only synchronized in your home network, then Bonjour is the fastest option. What kind of iCloud sync store do you actually use - Legacy or CloudKit?

cloudkit…i understood being the best option, isn’t it?

See many posts here about unreliability and uncontrollable Apple sync services.

Welcome @maxdapro

And @rmschne is correct. There are many discussions about the state of CloudKit and the experiences of many users.

Hi, Thank you very much
I went through all posts i found on this matter and the result in my case is:
-icloud get stuck on sync for my indexed database (onedrive folder structure) even if i activate it after a full sync with one of the options below
-webdav works
-dropbox (only tried on a subset) works
-bonjour works

Then the questions are:

  1. is subscribing Dropbox the only option for remote sync? I really don’t like dropbox and don’t see this as an effective solution rather than… it’s the only option
  2. Has anyone succeeded in using Onedrive as webdav with Devonthink? I have seen some old posts on this but not sure about 2024 situation
  3. Any option i’m missing?
    Cheers, Max

AFAIK, Microsoft has dropped support for OneDrive-WebDAV a long time ago. I’m using WebDAV with a local NAS, and that is very reliable.

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Exposing the NAS ?

Not necessarily. You can also use a VPN.

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There are also 3rd Party WebDAV service providers out there. How secure are each? Dunno. Presume better than my own self-administrated WebDAV server connected to the Internet!