Sync set up question

The latest sync engine is great and it is working extremely well in one condition. Also, thanks for letting us get rid of the mobile sync folder in the latest version. However, there is one issue I have not been able to resolve, and I hope you can help.

I have multiple Mac’s (2 iMac’s and Macbook), and multiple iOS (iPhone and iPad’s). I have the sync set up via Dropbox in one of my Mac’s and everything is synching fine from that Mac and rest of the iOS devices bidirectionally. Happy camper as I said.

However, I can’t get my the other Mac’s to sync using this Dropbox set up. I tried to see if I could set my Mac to sync via iCloud instead of Dropbox. So, I set up the iCloud set up on the same Mac that I set up the Dropbox sync, and then tried to set up the iCloud sync in other Mac’s. However, the location of the sync packet is not the same for each Mac. One Mac (one that has the master sync file using Dropbox) put the packet in the subfolder (Devonsync I believe) under ICloud but my the other Mac put the packet in the main directory of ICloud. So, they cannot locate the same packet.

What is the best way to set up the sync so that I can sync all my Mac’s and iOS devices altogether?


The location should be actually identical on all Macs. Could you please post some screenshots? In addition, do you already use v2.9.1? This version fixes some Dropbox issues.

Yes, I’m using 2.9.1 on all my mac’s.

The packet in one of my iMac’s goes into the devonsync subfolder under the iCloud, and the other one goes into the iCloud root directory. I have specified the same name for the sync packet. Since the packet locations are different, they do not sync at all.

For Dropbox sync, when I import the remote database from the sync dataset, the blank database appears and none of my entries show up in the database. And of course, I can’t sync them at all.

Can you outline the sync procedure for my type of set up? I can’t believe this is a unique set up since many people I know use multiple mac’s and iOS devices.


Could you please post the complete paths of the sync stores? Do these Macs use the same version of OS X?

The basic setup is simple:

  1. Create the same sync store (same store name, same type) on all devices.
  2. Enable the databases on one Mac by clicking the checkbox next to them
  3. The databases will be uploaded to the sync store

Now if your other devices don’t have a copy of the databases, select the sync store, choose the Remote database (refresh the list if necessary) and import it.

If there’s already a copy of the databases on tese devices, then just enable the local databases by clicking the checkbox again. The sync will merge the local copy with the sync store.

Thanks for the steps. That is exactly the same steps I have followed with all my syncs, but they are not syncing as expected. For now, I have one set up syncing properly (one Mac to multiple iOS devices), so I have a work-around to my issue, but when I travel with my Macbook, I can see this issue becoming critical.

Here is the exact locations of my sync packet.

For my iMac that has the master (it’s the first device I set up the sync) dropbox sync, the file packet folder (it’s a folder, not a file) is located under the subfolder called “DEVONthink Packet Sync.” Under the packet sync folder, I have two subfolders with a bunch of alphanumeric names.

For my Macbook, the sync packet, it’s a file named Devonsync.dtCloud (name I gave the packet) sits on the root directory of iCloud.

Yes, both Mac has the latest OS - 10.11.6.

Do you use the same version of DEVONthink on the Macbook or are there any betas of the sync still installed? Because that location and name sounds like an old version of the sync.

I have beta tested the sync, so I have installed the sync version. I assumed that it would have been replaced when I installed 2.9.X. However, it might not. Let me check.

I found the plug-in’s I have installed for beta testing, and I deleted them. I reinstall Devonthink Office Pro and rebooted the computer.

However, the same thing is happening.

How do I get rid of the old setup?

Also, the plug in’s I have for Macbook is dated April, and ones I have for iMac is dated July.

Very confusing.

The automatic removal of old plugins does unfortunately not work, I’m currently fixing this. After getting rid of the old plugins, just remove the sync location and create it again.

So, we don’t need the plug in’s any more.

Which device is behaving correctly My iMac that has the sync folder under the subfolder, or my Macbook that has the sync packet file in the root directory?

The iMac & the subfolder are right.

Great news.

The problem solved. The outdated plug-in’s were the problem. I deleted them, and now Dropbox sync works for every Mac.

Hopefully, the update in the future will remove the old plug-in’s during the update.


It will - just fixed & tested this successfully.

Any way to get rid of the Mobile Sync folder in the iOS version. I got rid of them in the Mac version, but they still persist in the iOS devices.

The problem solved. It took a while to get rid of it, but when I got rid of the folder from all my Mac’s, the iOS versions synced after awhile, and now it’s gone from everywhere.