SYNC settings unavailable (?) on DTTG

I’m trying to figure out the synchronization between DT and DTTG, but I can’t access any synchronization settings on DTTG (see screenshot).
(The app and the iPhone are up to date)
I have already run a sync from my mac, but maybe I forgot to do something first?
Thanks for your help or suggestions!

Do you have a support ticket open?

Have you tried restarting the iOS device?

Sure, also delete and reinstall the app!

No, i guess that’s what i have to do… Thanks.

I think so; the settings page should not look as it does in your screenshot. The only suggestion I can come up with is to try temporarily changing the language setting for DTTG in the iOS system settings by selecting “DEVONthink” and then changing the preferred language. But if you are opening a support ticket, DT will provide better assistance than I can.


Wow! I’m amazed… it was a brilliant idea… !
Thank you so much.!

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