Sync smart groups?


Is it possible to sync smart groups, as well as databases? On my Mac, on the menu bar on the left I have a list of databases but also a list of about 10 smart groups. I would like to see these smart groups on Devonthink To Go, but am struggling to work out how to sync them.


Global Smart Groups in DEVONthink do not Sync to DTTG2.


Thanks Bluefrog. That’s a shame; would be a great feature to have this as an option.


this is one of my biggest painpoints using DTTGO - not having my smart groups and search queries synced to my iOS devices.


Smart Groups are on our list of future enhancements, but iOS ≠ macOS so it’s not a trivial addition.


Jim, is there any recent progress on syncing smart groups between DT§ and DTTG?


No, nothing to report at this time.


really miss that feature - since years - or at least to save a search query - and to be able to sort the results list by date, by name, etc.


Ok, I understand you can’t sync smart groups in DT to Go (yet, please)

On the Devonthink to Go website … to-go.html

it says

“Quickly find documents using the powerful and fast search function. Predefined smart groups collect and organize documents conveniently in a variety of ways.”

What does this mean? I don’t see a way to create smart groups within DT to Go.


You can’t create them.

These are global smart groups on the Home screen. Local smart groups aren’t supported at this time. It will likely be featured in a future release.


so if I’m working on devonthink research on a office Mac and a laptop for out-of-office research, I need to create smart groups in both computers? no sync from one to the other? Just want to understand this



Local smart groups, ie. ones inside a database, will sync.
Global smart groups, ie. ones in the Global sidebar at the left side of DEVONthink’s main window, will not sync.