Sync store migration from dropbox to iCloud?

using DTTG for about 1 year. Still on the learning curve. Just download the DT3.0 on my Macbook pro, to better organise my mac at home and link it with the DTTG on my iPad pro. I must say, the DT3 is powerful but again, need to learn better how to use it. Since I have DTTG to go first, I have the documents on my iPad pro. I sync it with my iphone with dropbox dT sync. it works well. Now I managed to connect the dropbox sync with the DT3 on my mac. I import the database on my mac. Does it mean that the documents now also on my mac?

I also created a database on the mac DT3, and now it can be synced to my DTTG. Similarly, is the file actually on my iPad? that I can also send it as attachment to email?

currently, I’m happy with dropbox as the sync store. But i’m using my free dropbox account. I should get a paid cloud service very soon as I start to build up my DB. what if I move to iCloud as my paid cloud service, so I need to migrate the current sync store link from dropbox to iCloud. How will the migration thing works? or it just simple to create a new sync setup?

sorry for all the basic questions… but i do find it hard to figure out… thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, databases on the Mac contain local copies of the documents.

The files are on the iPad too, at least as long as you didn’t enable the option to download contents manually.


Check out the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync