Sync store on Google Drive or DollyDrive

Just upgraded to DT Pro Office, and I wanted a co-worker to work on one of my databases while I’m out of town. To set up a sync store, anyone know if I have to pay for Dropbox storage, or is there a way for me to use Google Drive or DollyDrive instead (both of which supply cloud-storage space that I’m already paying for…)

A 2GB Dropbox account is free.

My database is much bigger than that … and I was hoping not to have yet another cloud storage site to keep track of, anyway (passwords, procedures etc). But from your response I gather that Google Drive and DollyDrive are not possible sync-store sites, right?

Please see the “Synchronizing” entry in Help, and its related entries.

Sync store locations available in DEVONthink > Preferences > Sync are

If your co-worker shares the same network, perhaps one of these would be possible. If the situation is temporary, you might copy the database to a thumbdrive, from which the co-worker could use the database for you. When you return, copy the revised database back to your computer – taking care to replace the older copy on your computer.