Sync Store question for 2.9

I just installed the 2.9 update and am setting up synchronisation of my databases. The scenario is that I have a sync store on my NAS and both my Macs stay in sync to and from that.

I haven’t found this anywhere, so I’m asking here:
is it a good or bad idea to set up a separate sync store for each database?
Or should I sync all databases to a single sync store?

Thank you!

It is a matter of personal taste, really.
You can easily use one syncStore for all, or one for each. (I use one for all, personally.)

I was excited about the new DT mobile app, hoping it would be a great replacement for Evernote. First I tried and it wouldn’t work. Reading that wasn’t super reliable, I moved to dropbox instead, knowing its reliability. Yet this won’t work either.

I don’t find the documentation helpful at all. I have done what it says and yet nothing seems to work. My database on my Mac is on Dropbox. There is a sync store file. I have connected to Dropbox on the mobile app. Yet nothing shows in my mobile app. There is no way to open the database or find it.

Finally, how do I even point my Mac to the sync store that is set up in Dropbox? In the Mac preferences, all you can do is sync databases - no fields regarding the sync store.

Definitely not the easy set up I was hoping for.

Do you mean your database is in your Dropbox folder? You should never put your databases in a Dropbox (or other cloud-synced) folder or you could irreparably damage them. Never. The safest location is somewhere in ~/Documents.

No, I don’t mean that at all. I followed the help file instructions just as I said. My databases are in my documents folder, and from the preferences I synced my database using Dropbox. I see the folders that it has made in Dropbox. But I cannot open that database on my mobile app.

Please start a Support Ticket.