Sync Stores and Favorites

Using the 150 hour trial to see if i will move from Evernote over to DT.
Setup Sync via Dropbox on two Macs (this wasn’t a smooth process and the manual is very basic on this process).
But, i can now see my files and notes on both Macs.
However, i don’t see my ‘Favorites’ on Mac 2 (the second one i linked to the Sync Store).
Is the setup and configuration of Favorites and Smart Groups not part of the sync?

Correct. Favorites and Global Smart Groups are not part of the Sync process.

A future update might synchronize favorites too.

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… and Smart Groups too, please. Ideally, I’d like to see the entire navigation content reproduced on all my macs for a consistent navigational experience. DT2GO too, although I appreciate the differences in both products. Might be best to have this as a configurable option, since I’m guessing not all users may want this.

And smart rules pls.

The requests are noted.