Sync that actually works reliably

For DEVONThink 3.0 it would be wonderful to have sync that works reliably.

The MacOS/iOS sync has been a mess for me. Repeated crashes of the iOS apps while trying to sync via Dropbox have required data store “cleanings” and reinstalls of the iOS apps. And this evening, the MacOS program crashed, taking my main database with it. Trying to restore from backups.

I like the MacOS version of this app, but I simply can’t use the iOS apps, because the sync is terrible.

Your experience is definitely atypical. Have you started a Support Ticket?

I haven’t had any crashing issues like you! I’ve had a few quirks that were resolved by establishing a new sync store (I’ve actually had to do this a couple times since the new sync was implemented last year). But once I got those wrinkles ironed out (and I think some of the issues I experienced were due to some old iOS hardware and some other idiosyncrasies in my setup), sync’s been rock solid.

Definitely open a support ticket, they’re quick and helpful!