Sync to DTTG 3 via iCloud does not bring any rtfd documents at all!

Recently I set up sync via iCloud (CloudKit) between DEVONthink 3.6.3 and the brand new DTTG 3.0.4 on an iPhone 12 with the latest OS (14.4.1). (I opted to download all rather than on demand.)

Absolutely none of the rtfd documents can be displayed in DTTG 3!
(But all regular rtf documents work fine.)

Attempts to view an rtfd document in DTTG 3 results in the generic:
2021-03-14 14.00.18
Clicking on “Download (2 MB)” only gives me:
2021-03-14 14.00.22

They’re working on it.


Ok, Good. I really did search the DTTG forum for “rtfd”, but your report did not show up among the first two dozens of post – all issues were very old. So I decided I have to post the issue myself.

I got surprised to learn you had already posted, so now I searched again, and only if I sort on Latest does your post come up among the top ones!

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