Can't download/open .rtfd files

I just noticed that in DTTG 3.0.4, I can’t open rich text with attachments files. This applies to old files and newly created ones.
I tested this with a freshly created file (screenshot from DT and video from DTTG below).

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Thanks for the report!
We are currently investigating this issue. I will reference this forum post in the issue on file. Thanks for your patience, assistance, and understanding


I also cannot access any .rtfd files (i.e., with attachments); consistently see “couldn’t download document” with both iPhone and iPad in latest version of DTTG. Any idea when this issue will be resolved? Thanks!

We don’t give out development time frames. However it shouldn’t be much longer.

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Here’s the problem we are seeing. My wife uses Devonthink for Recipes. She saves them off the web as PDFs. She then often “converts” them to Rich Text on her computer in Devonthink so she can edit them as she makes changes. She then syncs everything to her iPad so she can use them in the Kitchen. The files look fine in Devonthink on her computer. On her iPad, any Rich text file she converted from a PDF now Says “Rich Text” and underneath it is says Download (11MB) - the size varies. These seem to be only the Rich Text files she converted from a PDF. Rich Text files she created from scratch seem fine. I synced her database to my computer and iPad - same problem. She has hundreds of recipes and told me this “problem” started sometime in the last week or less. Prior to that it worked - she could see all these files on her iPad.

I replicated this in one of my databases.

  1. Saved a newspaper article as pdf file.
  2. Duplicated it and converted the copy to Rich text.
  3. Edited the Rich Text file (Added two letters)

Everything looks great on my Mac. On my iPad, the PDF file looks fine. The Rich Text file is there (it says it is 837KB). The iPad displays

Rich Text
(Download 837KB)

if you push the Download (837KB) DTTG says “Couldn’t Download Document”

I have many Rich Text Files I created from scratch. They all look fine on my iPad.

This is obviously of huge importance to me as it effects what I will have for dinner :slight_smile:

You’re going to have to enjoy gruel and dry bread crusts until the next release. :wink: