Sync troubles: DT3.0.4 DTTG 2.7.6

Sync between my Mac and iPhone has stopped working. I’m syncing over Dropbox. The Preferences on Mac and sync location on Dropbox setting shows as last having synced a minute or so ago. But the newest document on my iPhone seems to be two weeks old. This is in my most important database; others, updated much less frequently, seem to be more up-to-date.

I tried running a Verify & Repair on the database on the Mac and got an error - 3 missing files - then Repair Failed. I have done this Verify & Repair repeatedly, same result.

Please help. Thanks!

First you need to resolve the missing file issue. From Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database

Regarding Dropbox, we have not changed any of the code regarding Dropbox sync in a long time.

Select the sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, control-click the problematic database in the Databases list, hold the Option key, then choose Verify Database Thoroughly.
What is reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

If it verifies successfully… In DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, click the plus button under the Locations list and choose Add Dropbox Sync Store. Give it a new name and enter an optional encryption key, if desired. Choose the smallest database and sync to this new location.

Then add the location to DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Edit Locations and/or the sync locations in DEVONthink on other Macs. Disable the old sync location but don’t delete it yet. Sync to the new location, then make some minor changes, like changing a label color on some files to see if it syncs correctly between the Mac and mobile.

I want to confirm what others have reported. When I upgraded to 3.0.4, dropbox sync to DTTG stopped working, but in my case only for the Inbox database. Others are working fine. Also dropbox sync between to copies of 3.0.4, one on sierra and one on catalina are working fine. Tired of beta testing now. Sigh.


And did you read my post ?

Thank you for your post providing instructions on how to troubleshoot issues arising from the recent upgrade to 3.0.4. However I have retired from the software development industry and now expect software to work when released to paying users.

We have no control over all the variables in a remote sync.

I’ve been using dropbox sync again for several months now with no problems between 2 macs and 3 iOS devices.

You probably should stop beta testing. As a retired software engineer you know to expect problems with beta software. The developer has an expectation that you will help find the cause of any problem before It reaches less technically sophisticated customers, end users. Beta software does not purport to be bug free, that is the whole point of beta testing.

I was a beta tester for 3.0 but once it shipped I purchased the upgrade. I’ve never signed up to beta test subsequent point releases.

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