Sync two computers with my folder structure on Synology NAS


I currently have my files organized into several folders on my NAS and I am looking for a possibility that I can do the document handling with DevonThink and people in my family who do not work with the program also have access to the documents.

I have two Macs that I want to keep synchronized and I also use DTG on several iOS devices. In addition to that my family members should also have access to the documents without having to use Devonthink and thus should be able to add documents to the NAS folders.

Is it enough to regularly import the files and then sync the two Macs over WebDAV? So family would have basic access to the documents by going into the folders.

If that is not sufficient, one idea I had would be do the main handling of the documents in Devonthink. I could then do a daily export of the contents of my DevonThink databases into a folder structure on my NAS. The disadvantage of this scenario would be that I would need to somehow identify files my family has copied on the NAS to add them to my databases.

The other idea would be to only index the file structure but as far as I read this is not the most stable solution.

How could a good workflow look like? I am looking for a way to keep things as automated as possible so I do not need to trigger synchronisation of computers / folders manually.

Where did you read this?

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If (!) I understand you correctly, the situation is as follows:

  • you have a NAS where you store documents in a certain folder structure
  • several people need to access these documents all the time
  • also, other people are adding documents at some times
  • and everyone (you and others) are modifying the documents
  • you want to use the same documents from/in DT and DTTG, but the other people do not use either of those.
  • whenever someone is looking at a document, they should see it in its most recent state, i.e. after the last modification performed by whomsoever

If (!again) that is correct, I think the most frictionless way to deal with it would be to index the data in DT. Any other approach (importing or exporting regularly) is bound to create difficulties, since there’ll be a time lag between the versions on NAS and in DT/DTTG. And you’d have possibly a lot of redundancy. Also, deletion of files on one system will not directly translate to the other.

I suggest that

  • you read up on indexing and how to avoid its pitfalls. There’s a lot of stuff on that in the forum, and there’s of course the outstanding manual
  • after that, you try indexing with copies of some files, preferably in a structure similar to the one you’re already using
  • check, if it works as you want, especially syncing between the different devices, and that you have access to the indexed data on all devices.
  • since you’re using a NAS anyway, I suggest you use WebDAV for syncing
  • alternatively, Bonjour is a possibility: it is easier to set up and runs faster, but works only on the local network.

Thank you for the advice. Exactly what I needed. Will do as you suggested.