Sync via Bonjour fixed in 3.0.6 - thankyou!

Just downloaded DTTG 3.0.6 - sync with Mac via Bonjour is lightning fast again.

Thankyou so much @cgrunenberg, @BLUEFROG and all - what a difference! :smiley:


Yes. Thanks, indeed! I just did my first sync since installing the update, and everything is back to the old speedy normal.


Actually the thanks go to @cgrunenberg and @eboehnisch, the ones who did all the heavy lifting.

I’m just the Igor (that’s Eye-gor :wink: ) to the Doctors Frankenstein…




Years ago (back in the days when everything was simple) when I took care of a friend’s web site I had the e-mail address webmaster-webmaster--yes-webigor@… but no one got the joke.

I still wonder if just nobody ever felt the need to contact me, the web master, or if I should have gone for the more obvious …web-igor….


Whilst that may be, it’s quite clear DT is based on a team, which you are part of. I never save a life. But my team and I do. You get my drift :slight_smile:


Yes. Thank you!

I’m honestly grateful to users and DT alike - it would be so simple to moan “it shouldn’t be broken in the first place”; instead the vocal majority of users here is happy to work with DT towards solving problems, recognising the effort which goes into making the product we all use and rely on better by saying thank you. That makes the forum a nice place to be; I’m sure it spurns the team at DT on; and it creates an atmosphere in which ppl here want to help others.

Thank you for being nice people.


I fully agree to all of you! And a big thanks also from my side for that quick fix!! The update this morning solved everything, the synch-problem is gone :pray:t3::blush::ok_hand: