Sync--"View Activity" incomplete

Not sure if this is a bug as such, or just an odd quirk. This has been a longstanding issue, was hoping DevonThink 3 might resolve but still seems to be the case. When synchronizing a database, routinely DTTG will still show the clockwise dashed circle animation to indicate it is synching; on the desktop side going to “Window–>Activity” no activity is apparent in DT3. (This is synching locally using Bonjour.) Sometimes it seems that DTTG has somehow gotten stuck synching and isn’t doing anything, other times it still appears to be doing something, still not sure. I did do a search, but failed to find other mention of this on the forums, though I imagine it is perhaps a known issue? Any ideas about what to do about it?


Is any activity shown in Window > Activity?

Nope–none. (Sorry didn’t see this back when you replied, but issue persists much the same.)

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks! Maybe the logs will contain additional information.