Sync with 2 Macs that index the same dropbox folder

Hi All - I am indexing a dropbox folder in DT 3. It’s great - I love the app and it helps with my teaching stuff… Now, I want to bring a second Mac into the mix (no need for iPad). Should I Sync or just create the same database structure on Mac 2 and index the same files ? What’s the best process ??

Thanks !

So many potential gotchas

Why index at all?

That’s a great Question! I need my main teaching stuff in DropBox for sharing with kids etc… So I index that folder. I also have a lot of Shared stuff in there. What do the other teachers here do??

I understand there may be budgetary concerns - but would the Web Server be an option for sharing?

Should I Sync or just create the same database structure on Mac 2 and index the same files ?

This could be problematic.

  • Is the Dropbox folder in the same relative location on both machines? By default it’s ~/Dropbox.

    • If so, yes it’s feasible.
    • If not, it’s problematic from a sync standpoint.

PS: This is a common and valid approach (and we do have educators (and others) using sync this way).

Thanks for the input. … They are in the same relative Dropbox location on both machines .

I’m not opposed to syncing … just wondering why I’d add that step since I’m just indexing the same Dropbox folder on both macs.

Jim, what would you suggest ?


FYI, I’ve been doing this for years with no problem. I understand and use Dropbox to enable sharing with others, and I have DEVONthink indexing these folders for my use.

: the Dropbox folder same on both mac’s (~/Dropbox)
: The same database is on both mac’s synched (using Bonjour and Dropbox).

DEVONthink and Dropbox synching happens quickly and automatically and I never notice it. No big deal.

Thanks - But I am not clear what you are doing… Are you syncing devonthink via dropbox or just having 1 database on each Mac that indexes the same folders ??

It’s simple. It is a coincidence that I’m synching via Dropbox and indexing files in Dropbox. Has nothing to do with each other, actually. Sync files in Dropbox are invisible to you.

On Mac 1:
: DT database called “Interesting”.
: Amongst other groups (folders) there is a indexed folders in that database pointing to files inside ~\Dropbox. Lots of files
: the database “Interesting” is set to sync up to Dropbox, and I have this machine machine set to accept incoming Bonjour connections from other machines on the local network. These sync setups per instructed in DT’s documentation
: When I look at files in the indexed group, I see the files from the local Dropbox Folder.

On Mac 2
: Per DT’s instructions, have a database “Interesting” which is set to synch to the local network via Bonjour. I use Bojour as when I’m at the local network, sync is very fast.
: Per DT’s instructions, I have database “Interesting” also set to sync with “Interesting” sync held in Dropbox
: When I look at files in the indexed group, I see the files from the local Dropbox Folder at the same relative place “~/Dropbox”.

DT takes care of synching the DT database “Interesting” across the two computers

Dropbox takes care of synching the files to all machines connected to the Dropbox, including others who have no idea of my use of DT. That is the whole point of keeping these files, which I want to collaborate with others, on the local file system, synced with Dropbox.

Are you doing it now?

Not sure what I am doing ! :slight_smile: - I Am syncing and indexing and I think its working ! Took a while to upload and download the database… but looks good so far


Great … if both your machines are on the local network, synching is LOT faster to use Bonjour local network connection. Just setup as described in the DEVONthink documetation. You can use both Bonjour connection and Dropbox, but unless you want/need a Dropbox sync available to you when away from local network, no need to use it.