Sync with Dropbox has filled my Dropbox quota

Hi all,

I’ve finally figured out what is filling my Dropbox to capacity. In ```


I've got 3GB of tiny files and 


has 676 MB of files

This would not surprise me except that the Global Inbox's Database Properties show that it only takes up 4.3 MB.

Are these files safe to delete?  If so, how can I prevent them from getting here again?  What caused them to be here in the first place?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!


These are sizes of files on your local machine but they should have no relationship to DEVONthink’s Sync if you have properly excluded the Apps/DEVONthink folder from Dropbox’s Advanced > Selective Sync preferencs.

DEVONthink does not use the Dropbox folder or the application for Syncing. (My Dropbox’s Apps folder has no DEVONthink folder and turn on my Dropbox app only on the rare occasions I need to do Support tech, but I can still Sync databases to my Dropbox account.)

Thanks for the reply, Jim. I suppose I got ahead of myself in my explanation; I should back up.

The problem started with Dropbox being full, but I could not account for all the space Dropbox was reporting being used. Unfortunately, there is no way to see on their website what the filesizes are, so I had to do some investigative work. My supposition was that some application that was not just a regular file was responsible for the space usage.

I initially had DT excluded from the Dropbox sync, and that was all that was excluded. I suspected that my DT databases were to blame for the space usage, so I disabled the selective sync, just to see what was being used. Sure enough, the actual space used on disk now corresponds to what Dropbox is reporting.

My plan was to fix the issue, then re-enable selective sync. The question is, now that I can see these files, I’m not sure what they are. My inbox is very small, but the Dropbox files that sync it are huge. Are they needed? Can they be safely removed?