Sync with Dropbox stuck in one item


I’m using DT Pro with three databases: work, PhD and personal. Each database is between 1 and 3 Gb and consists mostly of PDF files. Since I avoid carrying my laptop when there’s no need to, I use an iPad an iPhone to check documents or notes. I’m trying to sync the databases via Dropbox.

I’ve been following the instructions on DT manual. I chose Dropbox location, allow access and select the database to sync. I’ve tried various attempts to sync all with the same result: DT stucks at uploading items.

I tried uploading all three databases, just the smallest one, with and without encryption and moved the databases to a folder at my user (/Users/[me]/Databases instead of /Users/[me]/Documents/Databases) to no avail.

Observed behavior: DT Pro gets stuck at some random file. Activity window appears and disappears, log shows no new entries for this procedure. Message in activity window is:

I finally created a fresh test database (with encryption) that contains just two PDF files. One is 7,6 MB, the other is 74MB. Right now is running for 20 minutes and test.dtCloud is growing (like 16MB after that time) which seems to indicate that the files are uploading.

I wonder how many hours (days?) will it take DT to create the sync database and upload it to Dropbox. I also wonder if encryption would make it worse. I guess uploading capacity of my internet connection is not the best but still I don’t have this kind of delay when uploading files to dropbox alone.

Is this a normal behavior for DT Pro syncing with Dropbox? Is there something I should do to improve uploading time?

Thanks in advance

DT Pro 2.10.1
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
Dropbox v53.4.67

It is likely due to poor upload speeds or slow responses from the Dropbox servers. It can also be bandwidth throttling / limiting maximum concurrent connections from Dropbox’s side. These things will have an effect on sync speed and progress. You could try in a location with more robust network or try later to see if its improved.

Yep. It was the internet connection. It seems that my previous upload speed was that bad. Thanks for your time!

You’re very welcome. :smiley: