Sync woes again

I’ve sort of given up on remote syncing, have been using Bonjour only for a while now. Sometimes one of the databases (usually the global inbox) will just stop syncing. Nothing shows up in the logs. Rebooting my mac and my phone doesn’t help. Verify doesn’t help. Bonjour doesn’t seem to have a way to clean. I used to work around this by using multiple methods, but I’d prefer to just use Bonjour, if I can make it work.

And do you have a support ticket open on the issue?

no. It caught up eventually, it always does. just wondering if there’s some rhyme or reason why one of the inboxes hangs up sometimes

  • Is DEVONthink open on an awake Mac, of a Mac is the Bonjour server?

  • Is DEVONthink To Go open and ideally the frontmost application?

  • Do you have more than one device syncing as a Bonjour client?

yes / yes / one server (mac), two iOS clients

Bonjour only allows one active sync connection at a time. Devices will queue up and wait their turn to sync. I’m guessing you’re syncing one device and thinking both are syncing. Is that the case?

Have a look if restarting DT on the Mac, there is an activity displayed (bottom left) “Indexing localizations”. Since only the Global Inbox is affected, you may have the same problem a few others have (discussed elsewhere).

The reason for this is that with Bonjour there is a direct high-level network connection between the two devices and their respective file systems and the DEVONthink databases and there is no intermediary set of sync files to “clean”.

You mention using “multiple methods” for workaround. What did you do? That might provide some insight. @Bluefrog’s suspicion about just having to wait for the queue of syncs to occur makes sense to me, as a starting point.

If the issue bigger than simply waiting for the data to move (nothing is instantaneous), perhaps look at

again. Also, maybe your local network router (the box that creates the network) needs a re-boot or something.

Finally, with a support report as invited by @bluefrog can more effectively help, for sure.

The geolocation thing was happening, I seem to have stopped that, unless it’s continuing to happen and not showing in activity

I don’t have something I can replicate so a support ticket seems like it would be wasting support time. I’m just putting this out there for discussion. I get that there’s nothing to clean, yeah. In the past I have used multiple sync methods (both types of iCloud and Dropbox at various times, never all at once lol), and I had considered there might be residual something from that, but all former sync locations are turned off and cleaned. Finally, I’ve tried restarting everything except the router, that may be what cleared things up this time. What difference would restarting the router make?

I have had this happen and try to avoid it; if that was the issue though a server busy issue would show in the logs?

Anyway, seems to be working reliably now, I guess it’s cleared out whatever state was causing the issue

Please use our bug reporting mechanism in DEVONthink and open a support ticket.

I’m reluctant because I can’t reproduce and I don’t want to be “that guy” who opens a ticket when there’s nothing support can do. The thing about these server issues is they tend to be transient and and resolve themselves over time with some mixture of restarting and database hygiene. If you’re trying to move this kind of support talk off the forums I get it, but unless there’s some reason on your end why I should open a ticket I’d rather wait and see if this happens again.

Umm… I am the front-line support tech so I’m not suggesting opening a ticket to just add to my workload.

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fair enough! lol. will do


You then have the same issue I have and at least one more person. I also have no error messages and I could stop the indexing of geolocations. The sync of the Global Inbox is affected, while the other databases are fine.

I was on iCloud sync and thought it had to with that but have the same issue with Bonjour.

Restarting etc helped, bit only briefly.

We’ll see if it repeats. It may be the geolocations business, that has definitely been happening, but I thought I’d whacked that mole and, again, it isn’t showing anything in activity or the log.

When I was running iCloud AND bonjour it would only happen with one of the sync methods, so I could generally be synced up even if one of them would be flaking; again it would be only one database on one of the sync methods. But I’m trying to switch to Bonjour only per the advice to not worry about remote sync if you don’t need it.