Synced bookmarks do not resolve in DTTG

Hi all

  • DevonThink To Go 2.01
  • DevonThink Pro Office 2.9.2
  • Mac OS X 10.9.5
  • iPad iOS 9.1

I have a large Inbox in DTPO >3k bookmarks, >7GB in size. I’ve successfully synced this with DTTG on my iPad via direct connection, but none of the synced bookmarks open in the DTTG internal browser. Attempting to open a bookmark in DDTG sends the browser loading icon spinning for ever, it seems. Occasionally, eventually, the browser has displayed, in large grey letters, a message beginning: “nsurlerrorDomain…” which continues off the edge of the screen so I can’t see the error number. I can’t make the error happen at will (at the moment the busy symbol is just spinning and spinning…), and I haven’t seen the error since I reinstalled DTTG.

Bookmarks created from within DTTG do work. Rendering of synced notes (markdown and RTF), PDFs and webarchives is fine.

I’ve restarted everything, reinstalled DTTG. Any ideas?


I have not seen this issue. Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

I had seen that same error this morning on my iPad. I snapped a quick picture but am not sure how it showed up. It seems to be on an RSS feed.

What’s the URL of the bookmark?

In my case, it’s any bookmark that’s been synced from my MacBook. Bookmarks created on DTTG are fine.

Does the inbox contain anything else except bookmarks? Because 3k of bookmarks shouldn’t require 7 GB of space. In addition, how old are these bookmarks?

The Inbox contains many other things including over 800 pdfs.

The bookmarks range in date from about 2014 to yesterday (21st August).

For information, I’ve attached an image of the error message which was generated yesterday.
In fact by rotating the iPad I could see the error number which is -999, so the complete error message is:

“The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -999.)”

Maybe this will help.

Could you please post the URL of this bookmark (see Info popover) too? Thanks in advance!

Okay, I think we’ve found the reason for the error message! This is the URL:

which exists and resolves but does, indeed, generate an error message in both Safari and Chrome on my MacBook.

Unfortunately, this still leaves all the other synced bookmarks which don’t generate the error message but cause the DTTG browser to simply sit and wait.

Incidentally, not wanting to cause confusion, as requested I have submitted a support ticket regarding this issue. The relevant numbers are:

assigned ticket #519438 (20th August)
assigned ticket #914251 (22nd August)