Synch only parts of database?

This may be a very old (and dumb) question, but is it possible to synch only specified files/documents in a database with Devon To Go, rather than the whole database?

If not, can I suggest this feature?

You cannot Sync part of a database in DEVONthink To Go 2. In DEVONthink To Go, you have two options for syncing an entire database: Contents and metadata or *Metadata only .

Metadata only (which we call a “shallow Sync”) is only available with an in-app purchase of the Pro Pack (see DEVONthink To Go 2’s Settings > Manage). You set can Download Files to Always (a full Sync) or On demand (a shallow Sync) for a sync location, an entire database, or individual groups in a database.

Alternately, some people have chosen to create smaller databases, just for syncing.

Thanks. I can’t seem to get that Pro Pack. When I hit “Manage” beside “Premium Features” in the DT to Go settings, I see a greyed-out box saying “Purchased,” which suggests I already have it. But I don’t see any sign of the "Download Files” setting anywhere.

Oh never mind! I found it — you press and hold on a group to reveal its Info panel, where the Download Files bit resides…

There are three places, as there is a chain of command for Download Files.

1 The Sync location must be set to Download Files: On demand. If it’s not, you will only have the option of Download Files: Always with any database you sync with it.
2. If option 1 is enabled, any databases synced with it will be shallowly synced. If you want a full sync of any database from the location, in the Info popup of a database, you can set the database to Download Files: Always.
3. For any shallowly synced database, the Info popup of a group - accessed by a long press on the item - allows you to individually set Download Files: Always.