Synching DTTG and more than one Mac

I’ve got two Macs with DT and an iPhone and iPad with DTTG.

What’s the best strategy for synching? should I have DTTG synch with each Mac? currently I’ve been synching the iOS devices to the desktop only. But I’ll be travelling and synching with the MBP would be nice.

I just don’t wanna end up with dupes, etc.

Use one of your macs to set up syncing using the syncing system built into DEVONthink Pro Office (and bonjour or the cloud service of your choosing as the backbone).

This will take care of everything for you.

DO NOT store your database files in a cloud service or synchronized folder. DO NOT. That is a dangerous way to try to “sync” DEVONthink content between devices.

I’m not sure what you mean, since DTP has several options as well.

Are you saying to set up a local sync store on say the desktop as that to which I ought to sync all devices when on the LAN? that would make sense.

Could I then switch to direct synching with the laptop on the road, from both the iPhone and/or iPad (probably would only be one, but just in case)?

You can’t use DTTG2 with a local syncStore, only the Macs.

Yes could set up a Bonjour connection with the mobile devices and the laptop. Do bear in mind, Bonjour only Syncs with one active connection at a time.

If you had a networked external or NAS at home, you could set up both Macs to Sync to it. The desktop machine would maintain a Sync and the laptop would Sync when it’s home. The mobile devices could be Bonjour Synced to the laptop.

Another possiblity, as Scott pointed out, is a cloud service. But always bear in mind there are inherent network weaknesses in any remote Sync location. WebDAV, roll your own even (but it’s up to you to get access - especially over the Internet, if desired - set up correctly) is another option.

Indeed, always some risk or possibility for hiccups. Thankfully, I’ve used Dropbox to sync several fairly large (in file size) databases on a relatively modest network for… however long DTTG 2 has existed (a year, now?) without major hiccups.

For the OP: I strongly urge you to read, if you haven’t already, the relevant sections on synchronization in the instruction manuals for DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go

This will likely clear up what I am beginning to suspect is a fundamental misunderstanding of what syncing in DEVONthink entails.

I already read the manual, thanks.

It’s more a question of efficiency and optimization. And workflow. Sorry I didn’t make that clear enough. Synching is a very non-trivial process, and the more of it I’m doing among more devices under varying conditions the more chances something will go wrong, and the ease of automatic stuff can lull one into being complacent about where one’s data is. I was just reminded of that when I switched to High Sierra, and had some issues. So I wanna get a more robust system in place.

I like the idea of NAS and a sync store. Been meaning to get a media server going, and it would be a nice place to also centrally store files I’m using with DT. With the options available for synching indexed files it might mean I could design a more efficient storage system over all, cuz at the end of the day if I’m constantly synching from device to device to device it maybe means I’ve got clutter and organizational issues, not really synching issues… : :blush:

Thanks for the help.