Synching via local server


I am a new user of DT Personal on two Macs and have a local network with a server. That’s the place where I pointed DT’s synch option in Mac1. It made a database “untitled.dtSynchStore”. After having installed DT on Mac2 I pointed the synch option to this “untitled.dtSynchStore”. This resulted in a correct copy of the data on Mac2. However, on both Macs I now have double entries of all Smart Groups “All Images”, “All PDF Documents” etc. as well as of “Recently Added”, “Today”, etc (Have I mentioned that I hate 'Smart Whatever’s, because they are anything but smart).

  1. Can I delete these doubles without deleting the supposed contents?

  2. Then: I have set synch to every 15’ after the hour on Mac1 and to 45’ after the hour on Mac2 as well as “After Opening Database” (I assume you mean the local database on the Mac and not the remote DB). But in my experiments nothing synchronized on the hourly schedules.

Actually, with criteria properly constructed, Smart Groups are incredibly handy. However, they are only as useful as the query applied.

Smart Groups don’t contain anything. They merely show items that match criteria. So yes, you could delete a duplicate Smart Group (or all of them for that matter).

On the scheduled issue, check Window > Log for errors. Also, the Sync will not happen if the machines are asleep.