Synchronization Failure

A while ago, I added a document to DevonThink on my Mac. Shortly after, it appeared on DevonThink To Go on my iPad, and I began making annotations. After several days of working on the document, I discovered that the annotations had not made their way back to the Mac. Upon investigation, I found that the synchronization between my Mac and DevonThink To Go on my iPad had ceased. I restarted DevonThink To Go on my iPad, and the synchronization resumed. However, to my dismay, all of my annotations were gone. Is there any way to retrieve them? Also, is there a way to prevent this issue from happening again?

Best regards,

  • What sync method were you using?

  • Did you modify the document on the Mac before you realized thigs weren’t syncing?

  • What is DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync > Conflicts set to?