Synchronization not working from DT to DTTG but is from DTTG to DT

I am using cloud kit to synchronize DevonThink to DevonThink to go on the iPad. It seems that it’s working from the iPad to DT on the MacBook Pro but not From the MacBook Pro to the iPad.

Here is the scenario. I create a file in Devon Think on the MacBook Pro and a dot appears on the db showing that it needs to be synchronized. I synchronize it and the dot disappears and I check the synchronous preferences and it shows me for that database that the synchronization took place. Then on the iPad I synchronize by touching the cloud or quitting DTTG and restarting it and the file from the MacBook does not appear.

I then create a file in DTTG in the same database and do a synchronization on the ipad and follow it up with a synchronization in DT on the MacBook and the file from the ipad appears but I still do not see the DT file on DTTG.

Is a verification of the sync store (see Preferences > Sync) successful?

Yes, this is what it shows. The files are in the craft database

Did you try to verify the sync store (see contextual menu)? The result is logged to Window > Log.

This is what happened. Database Craft verified but errors in Inbox.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key to start a support ticket, thanks.

Are you saying that, until the bug is fixed, here is no way for me to synchronize files from DT to DTTG

While working with @cgruenberg on the Apple CloudKit sync issue, have you given Bonjour method of sync? It works, fast, and reliable. Works only, though, when both devices on same local network and both running relevant versions of DEVONthink. For me I keep “active” both Bonjour and a cloud sync service.

This will get you going with sync, I think.

Full instructions to setup in Help and in the DEVONthink Handbook.

thanks, I will try to set it up.

Thanks rmschne, your suggestion was very helpful.

I setup one database that will only use Bonjour for syncing.

Doesn’t hurt to do them all.

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Oh, OK.