Synchronize and Linked PDFs

I’m not getting the result I expect and wonder if someone might advise:

I have a Bookends Attachment sub-folder on my hard drive with a number of PDFs in it related to a specific project I’m working on.

I used the Link files command in DTPro to that folder thus creating a Group in my DTPro database. All the PDFs showed up on finish of the Link command.

But as I work in Bookends and add more PDFs to that attachment folder I’m trying to get renewed looks at the folder in DTPro by using the Synchronize command. It does not appear to work. I select the folder in DT and then click on Synchronize in the File menu, but nothing happens. The original number of PDFs remains the same and the newer PDFs don’t show up.

I’ve taken to deleting the linked files and re-linking the newer (larger)group of PDFs, but I thought the Synchronize would prevent having to constantly update out-of-database files by re-linking.

Can someone help with this? Am I misunderstanding how synchronize works.?


Which version/edition do you use? And are PDF/PS documents enabled in the Import preferences?

I have everything except “iChat and Yahoo messenger logs” checked in prefs.

I’m working in version 2.0.


Could you please check the modification date of the folder and of the group in DEVONthink? Does adding a file to the Bookends Attachment folder change the modification date?

I checked the modification date, added a PDF to the Bookends attachment folder, and re-checked DTPro. The modification date did not change. I ran “Synchronize” in the File menu a couple of times, but nothing changed.

However: as a test I created a folder with PDFs on my desktop and used the index and synchronize sequence, and it all works as expected!

Checking the folder in my database that I was having trouble with, I discovered that there was no “location” listed in the info box. I think I somehow had made a copy of the Bookends folder within my database and it had lost its links. :blush:

Christian, thanks very much for the gentle walk-through that brought my workflow error to light.