Synchronize, import?

I’ve found any number of posts talking around this, but none seem to hit the nail on the head, so here’s my question:

How can I get DT to automatically import any new files that I add to a folder, a folder that I’ve already imported to DT, without duplicates?

Yes, that’s it, that’s all that I want to know.

And I’m very new to both DT and to Macs, so please don’t assume that I know anything.

Thanks in advance!

The one thing I found is that file, synchronize, appears to do the trick fairly well. I’m still working on the automator task, and will likely have an article up soon after I figure that part out. Right now I have it synchronizing including additions to the folder as long as automator is open, but when I run it from the script menu within DevonThink, it does nothing.

Thanks, I wondered about Automator. As I said I know nothing about Macs. I’ll look at that and I’d be very grateful if you could post any breakthroughs here!

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Well anything that I tried in Automator seemed to do nothing and gave me a warning that I can’t figure out how to read.

I have this folder imported into my inbox, and the closest thing that I can see to doing what I want is to dump that folder into Sorter and drop files into it as I need to. Thing is, that seems like a hell of a kludge, and offends my general ethic of laziness, as I strongly feel that I should only have to save a file once. I often need to open these files through the other applications as well and I want them kept in a certain folder hierarchy for that; I don’t want to put all those folders and sub folders into Sorter, I have about 20 on the go at the moment.

I thought that perhaps I could rig a database to utilize the path name of the folder (folder*) but there seems to be no way to do that.

I do appreciate that this is a database, not a folder hierarchy, but there simply has to be a way!

Oh, and I simply cannot find where DT puts any of this. Only spotlight finds the DT folder and the path that it gives me to the DT folder does not show up in Finder!

I deal with a little less than 3000 documents, of all the major flavors, at the moment and I love the ability of DT to search them all and prioritize the results. I need to add documents to DT on a regular basis, I’ve added about 8 today, and be able to search them to find certain keywords. I realize too that I’m using DT in a very bush league fashion at this point but I have limited time to figure out the more complex stuff.

Appreciate any thoughts!

And sorry if I’ve put this in the wrong forum but actually “Tips and Tricks” seemed most germane to what I’m after!

Well it would seem that my approach was wrong from the get go! What I have done is remove that folder as imported and replace it as indexed. As I understand it, anything that is in DT is now updated from the original folder. If I’m wrong, I would appreciate someone letting me know.