synchronizing 2 system

I would like to synchronize my desktop with my laptop so when I travel i can have part of the DB with me, and any changes i make while traveling i can sync with the master copy. Any suggestions on how to do this

The DEVONtechnologies developers are working on a sync plugin that will handle such situations. No release date has yet been set.

Some users have been using DropBox, although there are two cautions that I strongly emphasize: 1) always properly close a database after access on one computer, before accessing the database on another computer, and 2) always allow sync to go to completion before accessing and modifying a database. Note that when one is performing data transfers via the “cloud”, transfer speeds may be much slower than expected, due to variables beyond the control of the user.

At this time we recommend against running a database via MobileMe, as there’s a high probability that it would be damaged. The forthcoming Sync plugin will make this safer.

Of course, there’s always old reliable “sneakernet” – either copy the database from one computer to another, or run the database from a portable hard drive that can be moved among computers on which the DEVONthink application is installed. Note that, given the current status of “cloud” technology, “sneakernet” still holds the championship in terms of trustworthiness, and is likely to continue to do so for some time. (The forthcoming DEVONthink Sync plugin will also allow database sync on local networks or by direct connection, as well as via the “cloud”.)

Pending release of the DEVONthink sync plugin, a simple trick for sending content from a database to which new content has been added on a laptop while on travel, back to the “master” copy of the database, is to use Tools > History to sort by Date Added. Select all content added while on travel, export it to a new Finder folder, then Import the contents of that folder into the “master” copy.

Also note that the forthcoming app for mobile devices, DEVONthink To Go, will allow one to sync selected items from a Mac DEVONthink database to the mobile device, add new content to the mobile device, and synch back to the Mac database. I recently used a prerelease version of DEVONthink To Go on my iPad to take notes while on a trip, then sync back to the Mac database on return.

thanks… unfortunately a “cloud” approach won’t work for me. Sneaker net has been working OK i just thought there might be an easier way. I’m anxiously waiting for DT To Go to be available on the app store, since most times i just travel with my ipad now, and DT is such a critical part of how I operate I am lost without it.

it’s strange to me that the sync cannot be done between 2 macs, if it works between (i | pod,pad,touch,phone) and DT.

A webdav method would be best I think. I like controlling my own cloud.

and please please come out with something. mobiel-me webdav something

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Has anyone experiences with DevonSync from Wooden Brain?
or … nsync.html

It is not that expensive, but I would really like to know experiences with it before giving it a testdrive…

It’s been discussed in other threads.