Synchronizing DT2 with DT1?

I am in the middle of two computer worlds and would be happy about your advice.

I upgraded to DT2 on my main Mac, an Intel iMac. But I am traveling a lot and I would like to use my DT database on my G4 Powerbook as well. I have DT 1.5.4 running there.

Is there a way to synchronize a DT 1 and a DT2 database in both directions?

If not, I would be happy at least with a comfortable way to update the DT1 database on the Powerbook regularly.

At the moment I can only see exporting the whole database from DT2 and let DT1 read the whole export, which is a time consuming process.

Is there a smarter way to just update all the new database entries and changes in folder structure from the DT 2 to the DT 1 database?

Thanks for any ideas

Not that I can think of.

Any reason for not installing DT2 on the G4 PowerBook?

Yes, because I need to keep Classic mode to run my bibliography manager Papyrus I have to stick with Mac OS X 10.4 (and DT 2 needs 10.5).

Ahh… PB still runs 10.4; 'nuf said. :slight_smile: