Syncing a dB folder to dt3

I use ifttt to write every event entry from my calendar to an individual file into a Dropbox folder.

I know I can import a folder into dt but is there a way to sync this Dropbox folder with dt so I always have the latest event files?

Thanks for any ideas.

See the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing section but note the integration with the Finder means actions you take in DEVONthink can have an effect on the folder in the Finder, e.g., deleting an indexed file from a DEVONthink database can delete the file in the Finder.

Oh yes, I see. Thank you. one question…after Indexing a folder and then say I drag a few files into a DT group. Would that be considered importing and now it lives in DT or would it still just be indexed?


If you dragged them into the indexed group, the files would be sent to the folder in the Finder and converted to indexed files.