Syncing: "Always | On Demand" options are greyed out

Heya, and happy almost 2018!

I’m having a bunch of trouble syncing between my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I got myself into this trouble by trying to get about 45gb of data synced up between the devices. The iPad is almost there, but my iPhone is particularly suffering due to space constraints.

It’d help if I could use shallow syncing, but for whatever reason, I can’t switch to “On Demand” on any database on either device. The options are there, they’re just greyed out.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

The Sync location must be set to On Demand first.

Ah, thanks. So shallow syncing can only work on databases that are “local” to the device?

No, but if the sync location dictates a full sync, all databases are fully synced. It’s a hierarchy: sync location — database — group. The lower levels inherit their setting from the higher one.