Syncing and databases which are not open

Using DevonThink Pro Office 2.8.6 / OS X 10.10.5.

I have several databases. They are set to sync to a local sync store (on a NAS device), on a hourly schedule. This all works fine without problem.

I do not keep all the databases open on every occasion that DPO is run.

If I do not keep them all open, then on a hourly basis I get a Authenticate window listing one of the closed databases, and the log stating “could not authenticate user with a password…”

Also the DPO icon bounces continually on the Dock.

Is there a way to stop this?

You’d either have to…

  1. Remove the username / password
  2. Turn off the hourly Sync for the database
  3. Keep the database open

None of the databases are protected by a user name or password.

Are you stating that if is no password but a database is not open, but it is schedule to synchronise hourly, I would not have the problem?

If a password is applied to a database, you need to authenticate when it Syncs.

If you are sure no password is on this database, please start a Support Ticket.